SmartGlider - Product of the year 2015

Client: LEDHut Manchester / FutureWheels

Type: Logo Design - Product Branding

Working for a renowned international company such as LEDHut has its perks. My current employers whom I work for as an in-house digital designer jumped at the opportunity to sell the 'buzz' product of the moment 'The SmartGlider', ' The Hoverboard','The Mini-Segway' or whatever you want to call it. This product was brought in and the marketing team was tasked to market it. I can quite proudly say the Logo design I did was 'The Chosen One' and was used all across the platforms we marketed it on. Big media outlets such as the Dailymail and BBC even picked it up.
It has been showcased across the country and at some large technology exhibitions. The product can no longer be purchased from LEDHut, as it was pulled from sale due to some safety concerns with the product. It has however been picked back up by a company called FutureWheels and the logo can still be viewed on their website at